IP Capital Partners

Founded in 1988, IP Capital Partners was the first independent asset management company to be established in Brazil. The company is solely dedicated to the management of equity strategies.

IP Participações, IP's first fund, was launched in February 1993 and has one of the longest-running and most profitable track records in the Brazilian investment industry. In 2006, IP launched its equity hedge strategy named IP Value Hedge, which besides investing in equities uses some protection strategies (hedges).

Our aim is to achieve high absolute returns through equity investments.

We seek to purchase shareholdings, always with a long-term horizon, in companies where we identify the best combinations of the following aspects:

  • Great business models;
  • Accomplished, able and honest management teams that look out for the interests of minority shareholders;
  • Favorable medium and long-term prospects;
  • Attractive prices.

We believe that independent analysis, discipline and patience are all fundamental ingredients for good investments.

Risk Management

Good returns in the long-term are also the result of careful risk management.

We are not concerned by short-term price fluctuations in the funds' shares and assets - which are inevitable. What we do concern ourselves with is the possibility of a permanent loss of capital. We seek to control risks by choosing investments with solid long-term foundations and to size them according to their price attractiveness.

Furthermore, all partners and associates invest the majority of their personal wealth in IP funds. Partners and associates of IP Brazil are also subject to a longer redemption period than that applied to clients. These are simple and effective alignment policies for ensuring that everyone takes an active interest in risk management.

Executive Partners

Bruno Barreto

Bruno joined IP in 2004. He holds a degree in Economics from IBMEC-RJ.

Christiano Fonseca Filho

Christiano is a co-founder of IP and currently CEO.

Daniel Lessa

Daniel joined IP in 2008. He holds a double degree in Electrical Engineering from PUC-Rio and École Centrale Paris.

Gabriel Raoni

Gabriel joined IP in 2010. He has a degree in Economics from IBMEC-RJ.

Pedro Cezar de Andrade

Pedro joined IP in 2002. He holds a degree in Economics from PUC-Rio.

Rodolfo Marinho

Rodolfo joined IP in 2003. He graduated from PUC-Rio with a degree in Information Technology and also holds an Executive MBA in Finance from IBMEC-RJ.